Aegis Battery offers cost-effective, comprehensive service of material/cell development, and the associated microstructural examinations and electrochemical property characterization to its customers including small businesses, national laboratories, universities, and large corporations. Its manufacturing capabilities provide these services to produce custom-designed electrode materials, battery cells, and battery packs in a flexible quantity.

Over recent years we provide a variety of electrochemical testing services for lithium-ion coin cell and pouch cell fabrication and performance testing to evaluate materials’ characteristics at the cell level. Electrode/cell fabrications include the selection of active material loading, coating thickness, binder type (aqueous/non-aqueous) and content and current collector.

Testing services include: (1) Voltage profile; (2) Charge and discharge cycling; (3) Rate capability; (4) Cyclic voltammetry (CV); (5) Cell testing at different temperatures (-40°C to +90°C); and (6) Cell failure analysis.