Aegis Battery offers a diverse line of Li-ion batteries manufactured to the highest ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 standards and boasts one of the widest ranging application compatibility across the entire product line. Our batteries are a drop in replacement for any applications currently using Lead-Acid, AGM, and Gel batteries. Possessing power outputs covering 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, and 72V and capacities ranging from 3Ah to 125Ah we have the perfect battery for any application. 


No matter what type of battery you need for your application we have the perfect one for you. We understand that it might be difficult to find the perfect battery for your application. Therefore, we will match your application with a perfect battery when you contact our technical support and consultation service free of charge.


Still annoyed with the battery search or could not find a satisfying battery model/adaptor? Just click to contact us. Give us ~10 days and your customized battery will be delivered to you.


Applications of Aegis Battery


Really Powerful Battery!

“I bought 24V 12Ah Li-ion battery for my electric scooter recently from Aegis Battery. The guy over there helped me to choose the fitted battery for my scooter and it's much more powerful than the original lead acid battery! Can't wait to ride my scooter. 


Recommend to all of you who wants to change scooter batteries!“ 

Great for the dog park!!

"My two young labs absolutely love this toy. They are rough on toys, so we have to work with them on not trying to destroy a toy the moment it is given to them. 

This "flying squirrel" immediately became and continues to be a high value toy, so it is put up and out of the way when not being played with. Lightweight and flexible, but even so, the toy is really durable.”

Application Details

Many customers are replacing lead acid batteries with Li-ion batteries for their e-bikes/e-scooters. The reason is that Li-ion batteries offer tremendous advantages including high specific capacity, greatly enhanced cycle life, and very low weight. These benefits are very important to e-bikes/e-scooters because it will allow the vehicle to run at peak performance for a longer period of time per charge and it will reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. We offer a variety of 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, and 72V Li-ion batteries for this application. These batteries are superior compared to lead acid batteries because of their (1) high specific energy capacity, (2) long cycle life, (3) compact size, (4) light weight, (5) superior thermal and chemical stability, (6) enhanced safety, (7) improved cost performance, and (8) enhanced charge and discharge rates. 

Consider to change Li-ion batteries for your golf carts?  

Aegis Battery provides Li-ion batteries that can be used to power golf carts. Speeding up your golf cart with lighter but more powerful batteries. Aegis Li-ion batteries’ weight is only 30% percentage of the traditional lead acid batteries, which could reduce the energy required for your cart to speed up so that the battery could last for longer time. Also, The BMS system in the Aegis Battery protects your battery from overcharging so that you don’t have to worry about overcharging anymore. AegisBattery is here to help you choose best fitted batteries for your golf cart.

Bring a battery pack with you for fishing!  

Need electric power while you go fishing? Definitely choose li-ion battery! AegisBattery offers you a variety choices of lighter Li-ion batteries with high voltage and longer cycle life. Only one Aegis Battery pack could provide you enough electricity for the whole day. Speeding up your boat  and going further with less weight and smaller space. 

Safety trusted battery for you and your family  

To properly select and extend the life of your RV batteries you need to have a basic understanding of what a battery is and how it works. Traditional batteries used in RVs are lead acid batteries. However, lead acid battery is only ‘half-capacity’ battery: for 24V, 12Ah lead acid battery, it only can be discharged 50%. In reality you can get only 6Ah out of the battery so that 24V, 12Ah lead acid is basically a 6Ah battery. However, Li-ion battery is ‘full-capacity’ battery: for 24V, 12Ah Li-ion battery, you could get nearly 100% capacity! 12Ah Li-ion Battery = 12Ah of True Capacity. Contact us to select proper batteries for you.

More Applications

Except for the applications above, Aegis li-ion battery could also be used in your communication equipment (e.g. audio, radio, etc), grass cutting equipment, medical equipment and lighting (e.g. mine lighting, emergency light, street lamp, etc.). it’s worth mention that li-ion battery is a good choice of replacement for SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries. Aegis Li-ion battery is featured with light weight, small size, long storage/cycling life, high energy density and built-in IC chip which could prevent battery pack from over-charge, over-discharge. 

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