Aegis Battery has been on the development of advanced electrolyte/electrode materials for solid-state Li-ion batteries. In addition, solid-state electrolytes moreover provide an impermeable electrolyte layer that has a lower risk of leaking and corrosion common in batteries. This type of battery would also provide improved electrochemical, mechanical and thermal stability. Solid electrolytes conduct lithium ions at room temperature and can potentially replace conventional organic electrolytes, which are flammable and toxic. In addition to drastically improving the safety of the battery, solid state electrolytes allow the use of lithium metal as the anode. This in turn increases the cell voltage and thereby increases the energy density of the battery. Aegis Battery offers its patent-pending, solid electrolyte material ,Oxide-based Solid State Electrolytes (LLP, LATP, other) with New particle morphologies, and New process development and Process scale-up.